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Naiad Products

Naiad ProductsNaiad Company has been manufacturing surfactants since 1978. We make soil penetrants for professional turf and agriculture management. We also manufacture dust and erosion control products for construction sites, agriculture--anywhere dust or erosion creates problems.

AND... we now also have a line of soil penetrants for home and garden use!

Convenient. Economical. Effective. It's no wonder that Naiad has become the country's largest supplier of wetting agents!

NAIAD: the name you can trust!


Naiad Wetting Agents

Naiad's uniquely balanced formulation helps water spread quickly and evenly through moisture-resistant soil structures without damage to foliage. Regular use of Naiad can make a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of your turf, ornamental plantings, and crops.

Naiad Liquid

(get the SDS here)

  • 55-gallon drums
  • 30-gallon drums
  • 2.5-gallon jugs (two per carton)


Naiad Pellets

(get the SDS here)

Each Naiad Pellet is about the size of a hockey puck and contains the proper amount of Naiad Wetting Agent to cover about 1 acre. Pellets are designed for use in the Naiadrencher II. Pellets last approximately one hour.

  • Case of 30
  • Case of 15

Naiad Super Pellets:

(get the SDS here)

Each Naiad Super Pellet is about the size of a five-pound can of coffee and contains the proper amount of Naiad Wetting Agent to cover about 40 acres. Naiad Super Pellets are designed for use in the Naiad Super-Pellet Tower System.

Naiad Pellets

Naid Super Spreadable (granular)

(get the SDS here)

Naiad's granular wetting agent. Concentrate Naiad Liquid mixed on a greens-grade corn cob. One pound covers 1000 sq. ft. Naiad Super Spreadable is colored green to hide in the grass. 30-pound box.


Naiad Super Concentrate

(get the SDS here)

Each tube of Naiad Super Concentrate covers up to 1 acre. Twenty 4-ounce tubes per carton.

Naiad Super Concentrate

Application Equipment

Naiad Super-Pellet Tower System: The Tower is designed to be installed at the golf course pump station.  This system can only be used by turbine type pump systems that pump from a wet well.  The tower holds up to 3 Super Pellets.  Naiad Super-Pellet Tower System
Naiadrencher II Deluxe hose-end applicator: Applicator for the Naiad Pellets. The Naiadrencher II Deluxe comes with the shut-off valve, Buckner fan nozzle, and 1" to 3/4 in-hose adapter. This product also available without the shut-off valve. Naiad Drencher II Deluxe



Naiad Ag SDS

Naiad Lawn & Garden SDS

Naiad Liquid SDS

Naiad Pellets SDS

Naiad Super Concentrate SDS

Naiad Super Pellet SDS

Naiad Super Spreadable SDS